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Broward UP Service-Learning Commission Mission Statement

To develop service learning and civic engagement opportunities for Broward College
students, faculty, and staff to positively impact Broward UP communities.

What is Service Learning


        • Service-Learning opportunities are community engagement teaching practices that combine
          learning goals, reflection, and community service to enhance student growth and the common good.
        • Service-Learning helps address issues of equity, empathy, and inclusion both in the classroom and out in the community.
        • Service-Learning provides students with the opportunity to gain real-world experience in their field of study.

Students Testimonials

“Having participated in community service this semester, my understanding of this crisis deepens as I am able to gain firsthand knowledge of the experiences of these individuals. I am able to understand how others within the community lack empathy and sympathy, leaving a progressive worsening towards the affordable housing crisis. Therefore, with my experience through this service-learning course during the semester, I am able to identify the necessities these individuals need, along with the agency they have lost. As an individual within the community, I, along with others, have an obligatory role in participating in community service to help these individuals and advocate towards diminishing the housing crisis. Additionally, the opportunity to take this service-learning course has allowed me to identify how to make this difference”.

“My understanding of my community changed after the AS-L experience because it opened my eyes to a bigger issue that i have never thought about before. The youth growing out of foster care need a good understanding of steps that they need to take to go off on their own. What the museum of discovery and science is doing is absolutely amazing, giving these kids internships and helping create this project to help them. It definitely gave me hope for humanity and our community”.

“Participating in a service-learning project in EDP 4004 was not only a major step for me in my education, but also with my morale going through the rest of the TEP program. The entire time I have been enrolled in the ESE program, I have not stepped foot in a classroom and been unable to truly apply the many things I have learned due to the pandemic. Service Learning brought in a fresh approach to education that is student-centered, fun, and engaging. It helped re-ignite my passion for education that was being lost from behind the computer screen”.

“My understanding of this crisis is enhanced after participating in community service because it shows that one problem is the effect of another. In my community, there are many beach cleanups I have participated in and while some of that trash is from visitors, a lot of it is from homeless people who live around the beach shores. I have seen a lot of homeless people at the beach, and it goes to show that it is a national issue we deal with that isn’t talked about enough”.

“The major issues with finding affordable housing are the increase in housing costs and the issue of homeownership within African Americans”.

“Volunteering at Nova Blanche was a wonderful way to learn how to connect elementary students. It was very motivating for me as a pre-service teacher to find ways to interest students in reading diverse stories about kids just like them”.

“I believe that service learning is an essential learning experience for all new or to-be teachers. Being a student teacher, made me appreciate the time that I had with my students. I had time to learn about them and how they learn, what their strengths and weaknesses were, what activities they liked, and how they would retain crucial information. Understanding a child is very challenging, but by taking time and having patience, you will easily learn everything you need to know about a child. Service learning is the perfect way to get your feet wet when it comes to the education field. You get a taste of what it will be like when you get your own classroom. It gives you the opportunity to see what you will change and improve when you become a teacher. Take criticism and listen to advice from professionals in the field, because it will only benefit you in the long run!”.

“What I learned about myself is that I have a passion for helping others which correlates with the reason why I picked my career choice to be a HR Professional. I want people to seek their full potential and I want to be a part of that in helping someone reach their career goals which is very rewarding because of the long term aspect, this project is a big eye opener because I helped someone that needed to know how to open up their first bank account, now they are able to manage their finances which can help them make financial decisions for the future to come”.

“Dedicating my time as a volunteer has helped to boost my social skills. Volunteering is a two-way street. It can benefit me as well as my community. Volunteering in my field of study will help me get experience in my new career. When it comes to volunteering my time to the community, there are no requirements to fulfill. The only requirement is a passion for what I do and a positive attitude”

“Service learning is not only relevant but extremely important for preprofessional teachers to experience since individuals in the education community need proper guidelines to ensure a safe, enjoyable environment that is conducive to learning. In every job, there are rules that must be followed, or else chaos would roam everywhere. Creating structure permits children to have stability which is crucial in a young person’s life. Service learning in schools offers opportunities for future educators to help other professionals and community members (students) while learning in a real-world setting beyond the college classroom”.

Faculty Testimonials

“As a professor, I am always looking for innovative ways to engage my students in our classroom curriculum and the greater community. By combining those focuses within my course content allowed me to bring greater meaning to the historical literary pieces we covered and the non-fiction issues we addressed in our essay writing. The students made deeper connections within our discussion posts because they felt a sense of correlation to the material and the community they were discussing. The buy-in from my students felt authentic and enthusiastic as they were always excited to participate”.

“Service Learning has vitalized my approach to teaching pre-professional teachers in Broward College’s bachelor’s program in education. It has not only reinforced my beliefs about the importance of real-world application and community service in academic studies but also created a venue for students to acquire essential knowledge and competencies beyond my course in Broward County Public schools and after-care programs. As a result, students have broadened their understanding of diverse learners in real-world settings, expanded their repertoire of teaching/assessment strategies, become more self-confident and independent, and developed other significant skills/traits (e.g., leadership, technology, classroom management, and civic responsibility)”.

“This experience opened my eyes and heart to an area of focus I had not delved into personally or professionally- homelessness in my community. I learned along with the students about homelessness in Broward County and the mission of our community partner, Broward Partnership. Myself and our students have been deeply impacted by this work”.

Student Video Testimonials



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